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France is one of the largest countries in Western Europe and possesses the second largest European economy and the fifth in the world. France is Germany’s first client and first supplier.

With a country of 66M inhabitants and numerous market leaders, France is an attractive business target for innovative companies seeking to develop their business in Europe.

Furthermore, France provides world-class resources in logistics, transportation, high technology, agriculture and tourism. France has one of the highest productivity of work in the whole world.

Business development in France

Yet, doing business development in France is a demanding task and requires a thorough understanding of the French business culture, French laws, administration and local specifics.

Your company will maximize its chances of success for a successful business development in France by taking into account the variety of aspects that impact the ultimate outcome:

Market research in France:

It is the obvious first step of your business development in France. Nextelyo will assist your company understand the structure, the nature and the dynamics of the French market. Nextelyo will identify potential customers, competitors, and distribution partners in France for your products or your business.

Human Resources in France:

While France has some of the most productive workforce in the world (measured by GDP produced per hour worked), you are aware that the French have a strong and specific business culture. Understanding that culture, understanding the French labor law, identifying the best managers for your business in France is part of Nextelyo’s offering as assistance to your business development in France.

Tax law, subsidies in France:

Did you know that France has one of the most generous subsidies system for R&D activities ? While famous for its rigidity and apparent cost, the French labor law can be leveraged to yield very effective solutions. For instance, setting up a development team in France can prove very cost effective thanks to the so-called “Credit d’Impot Recherche”, a tax cut policy for R&D activities. France is not only a good target for your business development but also for your R&D or logistics activities.

Finding the best region:

Depending on the nature of your activity, some regions in France can be more suitable than others for your business development.  Nextelyo helps you identify the best region for your activity.

From research to execution, we take all the steps together

Nextelyo provides assistance for all the steps of your business development in France: from the market research to the first steps of operational implementation, we take your business to the next step.